Review – Wild Cards by R.C. Stephens

Wild Cards (The Twisted Series, #3)Wild Cards by R.C. Stephens
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


When a bad decision at a sex party sends her to the hospital Vicky Molina realizes the error in her way and she just wants to go home. What awaits for her there is not something she ever could have expected. The death of her mother hit her hard but the two years after have treated her unkind and been harder than ever. Finally working up the nerve to go to New York City and meet someone she takes off and doesn’t look back. Old habit die hard though as they say. Her first night in the city and she finds herself at a sex party in a swanky apartment. What’s with the green eyes and handsome face of a stranger that won’t leave her mind?

Luc Blanchard now Luc Lebaum has a dark and seedy past. He doesn’t touch woman, drugs , or alcohol. What is it about the green eyed beauty that walks through his front door the first night of him hosting a party? With his connections to the French mob he doesn’t let anyone in to his life. Why did he take her back home? Especially on his bike? He doesn’t touch woman, it his body has different ideas. Two years is a long time without being with someone. The pain of his past and the weight of his choices hold him hostage but his , however brief, leave from the family means a lot to him. New York City is a long way from France. His father however has a long reach.

Follow Vicky and Luc as they fight against themselves to find a second chance. Can Luc forgive himself for his past as everyone else involved already has? Can Vicky over come her grief and let him in? What does Luc’s father have to say about the budding romance. What about Vicky’s ? When tragedy strikes again in Vicky’s life can she handle it? Will some surprising news along the way help or hinder her? What happens when a second chance at love gets shattered because of a past too strong to over come.

Wild Cards by RC Stephens had me captivated from word one. RC Stephens has a way with words that makes you feel everything these people do within the story. Find out if the wild card is a good bet.

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