Review – Should’ve Said No by Tracy March

Should've Said No (Thistle Bend, #1)Should’ve Said No by Tracy March

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Should’ve Said No: A Thistle Bend Novel
By Tracy March

Lindsey Simms has had a rough year. Laid off from her job in D.C., newly single, and broke, she heads to Thistle Bend, Colorado – population around 1,500 – to get a new Heritage Museum up and running. The plan is to use this as a way back into her career in D.C. She heard about the job through her great aunt and uncle, Tansy and Oscar Karlsson. Little does Lindsey know, this job has a lot of complications accompanying it. Lindsey just wants to get the job done, get out of the small town and get on with her life.

Carden Crenshaw is the most eligible bachelor in Thistle Bend. He’s a handyman, the family trust caretaker, and ranch owner, not to mention incredibly gorgeous and single. He’s not looking to get back in the game anytime soon. That is, until he runs into Lindsey Simms doing some work for her landlord. He can’t deny, hard as he tries, they have chemistry. His grandmother has plans to use his meeting Lindsey to her favor and have him sway her mind to their family’s side of thinking. Will he go along with it and hurt Lindsey even more than she is?

Thistle Bend is just a small town in Colorado with a century old feud. The Karlssons and the Crenshaws absolutely hate each other. Similar to a Romeo and Juliet style family feud, Carden and Lindsey’s love would be forbidden. Tansy Karlsson is hoping her great niece can dig deep and find the truth about the land deal that started the terrible feud between the two families which left a certain family rich one hundred years later, and the other only owning a restaurant. Tansy has sworn Lindsey to secrecy about their relation. Things just got more complicated in Thistle Bend.
Between a budding forbidden romance and a mystery more than a hundred years old, can Lindsey keep all her secrets and find the truth? And when those secrets come to light, will she lose everything she thought she’d never find? Can Carden finally open his heart to someone again? Will the mystery of that controversial land deal ever be discovered, and the feud end?

The answers are all there between the covers of ‘Should’ve Said No’, a well written, incredibly relatable book by Tracy March. The beginning kind of jumps around between several different thoughts as Lindsey comes to town, but what woman’s mind doesn’t work like that? In my opinion, it was realistic writing, following the characters’ train of thought. The POV stays from the narrator, though switching between following Lindsey or Carden. There is a pretty steamy sex scene, not too long. There are some other, milder mentions as well. I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars and look forward to reading the next book in the series, ‘Just Say Maybe,’ as soon as it’s available.


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