Review ~ Stranded With My Stepbrother by Madison Collins

Stranded With My StepbrotherStranded With My Stepbrother by Madison Collins
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


Stranded With My Stepbrother by Madison Collins

I like a good steamy stepbrother romance and this one did not disappoint. The characters were super opposite but similar in a way. Bentley is a man-whore through and through. Sierra is the goody two shoes. I loved how this all started in a car. Bentley doesn’t apologize for who he is and I loved it. Sierra mad me mad a couple of times with her comments about him. But then when I realized it was how she tried to hide her true feelings, I warmed up to her. When Sierra calls him out on the condoms in his luggage and he brushes her off with a witty comment had me rolling in laughter. Then Bentley ends up showing her his softer nicer side and she melt. I liked how the characters come together. I Liked how they go through every step of a relationship in one night. The steamy scenes were good, I kept on looking around to make sure nobody noticed me blushing. They are very funny too. Specially when Sierra and Bentley start to playing and she does this dance/run around celebration. I didn’t like how I felt like there was something missing. Maybe we needed more back story on. Maybe we needed to see more on how they did during family social events. If their parents noticed anything. We just got a small glimpse of that. I felt like they were more enemies coming together than a step sibling romance. I would of like it if it was longer as well. I do hope there is a part two to this because the ending left you wanting more.I want to know what happens when they have to face their parents. But over all it was a good quick read.


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