Review – Devoutly by Arden Aoide

Devoutly (Sins of Lethe #2)Devoutly by Arden Aoide
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Devoutly-Sins of Lethe: Book Two by Arden Aoide

The second book in a series of six books opens with James Agnesson shooting his son’s lover while he is having sex with Jude in the barn. Jude is left to clean the mess. Jude starts to burn the barn down but ends up passing out. His brother, Jared, newly married, smells the smoke coming from his father’s land and rushes to put it out. He finds Jude and saves him.

Jude confesses to Jared what has happened. Jared while surprised does not judge his brother. He and Shula set out to help him take down their father.

It is revealed that James has decided to populate Texas with White, blond haired and blue eyed babies. He gets a parishioner of his to kidnap a male prostitute from the city outside Texas, Raphe. Raphe is kidnapped by Daniel, the parishioner’s son. They tie him up and force him to have sex with girls from the community who could not get pregnant by their husbands. They also want to make babies to sell on the black market.

Jude is forced to marry Clara. He wants the farm. So he agrees. He sees how Jared and Shula are and he wants to love his wife like Jared loves his. He has sex with Clara and even gets Clara to agree to anal sex so it is close to what he craves. He starts to be happy with Clara. But he and Clara agree to wait on a child. James is having none of that. He wants to populate Texas with his seed. Never mind if it is not

In the meantime, James has killed his maid, Selene, while having rough sex. He sends the body down the river and reports her missing the next day. Her sister, Sophia, comes looking for her. She pretends to be looking for work as a maid and uses a false last name to get the job with James.
James checks on Raphe and discovers Daniel, his captor’s son, having sex with Raphe. He of course is intrigued with how rough it is. He makes Daniel have oral sex with him and then of course, kills him. He tells Daniel’s father that he had a seizure.

This book continues the saga and ends with a kidnapping. Who will be kidnapped? Will James ever be caught for all the murders he has committed? I give this book 5 stars. Even though it is a little dark for my taste, the author draws you into the story and I did not want to put it down.
It does end with a cliffhanger. The story is continued in To Be Wished-Sins of Lethe: Book Three.


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