Review ~ SPIKE by Amity Cross

Spike (The Beat and the Pulse, #4)Spike by Amity Cross
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Spike( #3.5 the pulse and the beat)
By Amity Cross.

Spike is the fourth book in the series The Beat and the pulse. Throughout the series you meet a group of people that are quite different than what you expect.

Ren Miller is a girl that has gone through so much heart ache. More than a girl should go through. Her boyfriend Ash has been a part of that heart ache before but when they promised each other no more secrets she believed him. When he brings up marriage and she laughs it off everything changes. He becomes distant and she doesn’t understand why. Why did she have to laugh off marriage? Is that what is wrong with him?

Ash Fuller has his fair share of problems. Even though he has opened and ran his own fight studio for about six months along with his girlfriend he feels like he has something to prove. Especially after she laughs off his idea of marriage. When he passes a window a few days later he makes an impulse buy and it’s perfect. He gets the wild notion that he needs to see his parents. The very same that left him and his sister years before. Why does he need to see them? Why does he need proof he is nothing like his father? He is t sure but he knows something is missing. When he doesn’t tell Ren he risks losing everything.

Will this secret be the end of them? Will someone move in on his girl? Can he come back from the edge of she leaves? What happens when he steps back underground? Does the beast run free or can be prove to himself he isn’t his father.

Amity Cross is a new find for me and I have to say I was engrossed I. This series. I don’t normally enjoy fighter romances the way I did this one. I devoured this series the way Ren and Ash devour opponents. The love and heartache of these people makes for a beautifully painful story that is real. Written for. Different character points of view you get the full story. Well Done Amity Cross.

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