Review ~ More Than Friends by Tabetha Thompson

More Than Friends (The Friend Zone)More Than Friends by Tabetha Thompson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow! Just wow! More Than Friends by Tabetha Thompson is the first book in The Friend Zone Series. Thompson provides the reader will fully developed, relatable characters and entwines the readers with their emotions by telling their story in alternating points of view. I found myself experiencing many emotions while reading this book: happiness, sadness and tears, anger, surprise, and many more.
Chloe is a small-town girl who lives a carefree lifestyle working in BAR, the plainly named bar that her best guy friend, Tom, owns. Skye is an old friend of Tom, and also Chloe’s, sort of from high school. He was awkward back then, but almost ten years later he is now an insanely attractive bass player in a band full of attractive men, and has just moved back to their small town. Upon seeing Skye again for the first time, Chloe’s attraction to him is palpable and he cannot keep his eyes off of her; it turns out he never could. They begin a sexual relationship, but their connection is way deeper.

Chloe ended a tumultuous past relationship a couple of years ago and swore off relationships forever. She has put up many walls, but Skye is slowly trying to tear them down. He has made it clear that he loves her, he will never hurt her, and he will always protect her; but, Chloe is still wary. Chloe’s other best friend, Sara, urges her to let Skye in. But Chloe’s past catches up with her and she and Skye’s story takes a drastic turn forever.

This story by Tabetha Thompson was very well written and emotionally charging. She captures the reader with her ability to create deep, personable characters who are struggling with very real situations. The reader is able to feel and identify with emotions of the characters, making this book difficult to put down; in fact, I finished this book in one day! There is moderate violence, moderate sexual situations, and mild profanity in the book. I would highly recommend this book and even say it is a must read. I would give it five out of five stars and I cannot wait to read the next book in the series: Forever & More.

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