Review – A Friendly Engagement by Christine Warner

A Friendly Engagement (Friends First, #1)A Friendly Engagement by Christine Warner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


A Friendly Engagement.
By Christine Warner.

**ARC provided in exchange for an honest review** 5 stars.

What is a guy to do when the biggest client he could possibly land wants a ‘family oriented’ financial planner to handle his accounts. Well ask his best friend to be his fake fiancé of course. What could go wrong, right? They are both adults, neither wants a relationship or is looking for love.

What is a girl to do when her best friend pleads for her help landing an account that could help the business? What about the hefty raise he is willing to give her because, oh yeah, he is her boss too? Well of course she accepts. What could go wrong right? They are both adults, neither wants a relationship or is looking for love.

Devi Boss is a fun-loving, live in the moment kind of girl that works for Omar Easterly. She has been his assistant for five years. They had an instant friendship. So when he proposes a preposterous idea she is unaware of what exactly she is getting into. The hefty raise however will help her find her lost father. Without her mother, her need to find him and find out once and for all if Grams was right is weighing heavy on her shoulders. Will this idea cost her something more than she is willing to lose? Friendship? Job? Her morals? How far will this have to go?

Omar Easterly took over his dad’s company when he retired. Hiring Devi as his assistant was something he would never regret. From her live in the moment attitude to her heart she is a great friend to him. When she spouts off ideas and gives him the solution to his problem unintentionally he only has to convince her. Will things go to far? Will something from his past collide and blow up any chance of a future he thought he didn’t want?

One push starts a dominos effect. Follow these friends as they find out what happens when business turns into a friendly engagement? Can they remain as they are or does everything change from the moment he asks.

Christine Warner needs a standing ovation for this friends to lovers unique story!


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