Review – Enough Time by Alexis Riddley

Enough Time: Truth. Redemption. Trust. (The Enough Series, #2)Enough Time: Truth. Redemption. Trust. by Alexis Riddley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Enough Time by Alexis Riddley is the second of a two part series that should be read in order. Enough Secrets follows Winston’s life before he moves to Los Angeles.

Winston West wants a fresh start in life. Moving to Los Angeles after his wife was murdered in front of him was supposed to be just that. But he has been merely surviving these past few months. Nothing feels right. Work, and home are the only places that see him. When he runs into a pretty girl he really is t ready for his body’s reaction.

Kacie Reece is a girl that has had her fair share of grief. Being a lawyer makes her some sort of fierce. What does a brief run in with an infuriating man do to her mind? Well it turns her brain to mush is what it does. Is there something in his passed that is too dark even for her to handle?

When Winston gets a call from his father he is more than just surprised. He is spitting angry that his past has caught him once again. He needs help, and who better to turn to than the sweet and sassy Kacie Reece. When pictures and a video make it into his possession he is leery of watching the video. When he does he is forced to bring Kacie in and tell her everything g about his past with Aiden, Charlie, and his father.

When things heat up between Kacie and Winston is there something from his last that’s too much for her? Are there things that he doesn’t k ow about the past? What’s going to happen when Aiden decides that he wants what he thinks is his. When Kacie sticks around after some particularly heave baggage is revealed he knows just what she is. She is his second chance. He starts formulating a plan for their meeting with his father and Aiden. When more is revealed than Winston ever believed, he doesn’t know how to handle it. Kacie is so strong and he needs her strength.

Find out what happens when a past love won’t let you go but a new love is swelling to life. Is there a good chance that this could be what Winston needs? Or has he messed up so much that things will never go his way?


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