Review ~ Shrinking Violet by Jessica Prince

Shrinking Violet (a Colors novel)Shrinking Violet by Jessica Prince

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*** ARC provided for an honest review ***

Jessica Prince does it again. What a wonderful story!! Jessica Prince’s Shrinking Violet is standalone second novel in the Colors series. This is a heartwarming story about second chances. The story is told with chapters from both Cassidy and Carson’s points of view, allowing the reader to fully understand both sides of every situation.
We met Cassidy in Prince’s first novel in the series as a snobby, bully. Truth be told, I thought she was horrible and I could not stand her; so, I was leery of reading a redemption novel about her. Now we meet her again several years later as a single mother living in Texas on her aunt and uncle’s ranch with her daughter, Willow. Willow is the most adorable four-year old who has everyone wrapped around her finger. You will learn both about Cassidy’s past as well as how she is trying to move forward with her life. Cassidy has not dated since having her daughter, too scared that she will turn back into the person she was. She continues to punish herself for being that person. Then Carson arrived and turned her world upside down.

Carson, a hardworking, hot, hot, hot man enters Cassidy’s life when he arrives to work at the ranch she lives on. Carson has a past of his own having grown up in the foster care system. He hates bullies and is the ultimate protector. He is driven to succeed and lives for taking care of his foster sister, Navie, a senior in high school who aged out of the system. Carson is the epitome of a ladies man and does not believe he could ever trust love, until he sees Cassidy, his shrinking violet.

With both Cassidy and Carson coming from difficult pasts, could they ever trust love? Can Carson accept Cassidy’s past and open up about his own?

This story has a great message and shows us why we should never judge and what a difference a second chance can make in someone’s life.

This story by Jessica Prince was well written and emotional. She captures the reader with her ability to create deep, personable characters. The reader is able to feel and identify with emotions of the characters, making this book difficult to put down. There is mild violence, mild sexual situations, and mild, rare profanity in the book. It is a wonderful New Adult Romance. I would highly recommend this book and give it five out of five stars!

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