Review ~ Opposing the Cowboy by Margo Bond Collins

Opposing the Cowboy (Entangled Bliss) (Hometown Heroes)Opposing the Cowboy (Entangled Bliss) by Margo Bond Collins

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Opposing the Cowboy by Margo Bond Collins is such a heart-warming book with coamplex characters, romance, and family loyalty. LeeAnn Walker has just discovered that she was dumped by “Darrell Cheating Jerkwad Vincent” because he is marrying someone else. She feels hurt, betrayed, and angry but when she sees Darrell at the local restaurant she moves so fast to get out of there that she “smacked into a muscled wall of masculine chest-then bounced right back off, her arms pin wheeling for a moment” before falling on her butt. All of a sudden her thoughts go to Darrell and she spits out “man slut.”
“Pardon Me?” The handsome stranger she ran into has literally taken her breath away. Feeling embarrassed she thinks on impulse and kisses him to avoid Darrell’s smirk, which he returns and happily plays along with all the way outside. Once outside the stranger realizes that must have been for some else’s benefit, but LeeAnn is still distracted and now a bit embarrassed about the kiss. As they continue walking, she is thinking about how it’s all Darrell’s fault and mutters “bastard.”

“Is there a reason that you keep calling me names?”

Thinking to herself, ‘because I’m clearly losing my mind?”

Neither one can deny the electricity they just experienced, but go their separate ways. She is clearly enthralled with him though “I could spend all day watching his *** slide onto that bench seat. I didn’t even get his name.”

Jonah Hamilton is in town to talk a thick headed, stubborn, ranch owner into letting his company drill oil and has had one heck of a time getting them to budge. When he goes to meet the owner, he is surprised to find it is LeeAnn Walker. “Holy ****. The ice queen of Fort Worth and the most sensuous woman I’ve ever kissed are the same person.” Things just became a little more difficult…

“Orphaned when she was four, she had gone to live with her grandparents on what had then been a working ranch. That land was the last connection she had to her gran, the woman who had been her refuge when her parents died, who had taught her how to ride a horse, to mend a fence, to care for the land she would eventually inherit. Her gran would not have approved of anyone drilling. She was certain of it.”

Once they realize that they are on opposite sides of a fight they find it difficult to maneuver around that hot, steamy kiss they shared. They come to an agreement to find the answers they are both searching for together, but can that really work? Can they avoid their feelings or will they eventually give in to their passion? As they each see new sides to the other one they soon understand that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Sometimes, the things you think are most important aren’t and you are forced to change your opinion and grow.

This story made me laugh, cry, and recoil. I felt completely connected to the characters and could feel everything they were feeling. Margo Bond Collins has a new fan for life, thanks to her strong writing skills, her emotional connection, and the way she expresses the story.

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