Review – The Proposal by Lily Zante

The Proposal (A Perfect Match #1)The Proposal by Lily Zante
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


The Proposal by Lily Zante is the first book of the A Perfect Match series. What starts out as a simple…. Well interesting business proposal ends with something deliciously more.

Introducing the main character Nadine Stefano, a hardworking, single, independent woman who’s all work no play. Nadine has been promoted as an executive creative director and couldn’t be more proud and happy. But her boss Sandra Donnelly is making her life a living hell, with her crazy demands and piling her own work on poor Nadine and taking the credit for it. But Nadine shoulders her work as well as Sandra’s work without complaint to her, and makes it through the days. To make things worse her company is having an annual marketing convention and partners are encouraged. Wanting to fit the image that the CEO has been rumored to wanting to see, Nadine must now come up with a happy, loving and stable relationship for the convention.

Enter Ethan a young, smart, sexy package who is an escort as well as an artist. Covering for his roommate, Ethan meets Nadine at her sister’s bachelorette party as a male stripper. The two are drawn to each other but he does not make an effort to see where it would go. Receiving a call that Nadine needed to talk to him, he calls her to find out what she needed. At first there was a misunderstanding between one another. But eventually, Nadine gets Ethan to agree to be her fake boyfriend, and in exchange she will pay him for his services.

As the Convention commences Nadine and Ethan’s attraction from one another grows rapidly and it seems like what is supposed to be pretend might become real. Nadine’s relationship with Ethan doesn’t seem like the only thing that seems to be changing. Between wanting to keep this business deal on a professional level still, and keep Sandra from getting her claws into Ethan what is Nadine to do? Will Nadine allow herself and Ethan a chance at happiness? Will she finally stand up to Sandra or continue to be a doormat?

This book starts off a little slow in the beginning but as you get into the book I find it to get exciting. I found myself comparing myself to Nadine and how she has taken so much of her boss’ negative attitude and did nothing to stand up for herself or the fact that she was the one who deserve the credits. If you’re looking for a quick book to read this would be one of the ones I would recommend. You will find yourself talking to the book yelling at Nadine to take the chance. As well as let the CEO who’s doing the real work.

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