Review ~ Chasing Luck by Brinda Berry

Chasing Luck (Serendipity, #1)Chasing Luck by Brinda Berry
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Brinda Berry’s book Chasing Luck is the 1st in the Serendipity Series and told from two POV’s. Malerie Toombs has not had an easy life. When she was just seven years old she was the only survivor in a bombing at her mother’s work. She still suffers nightmares of losing her mother, the bombing itself, and the fear of moving on in life. After the loss of her mother in the bombing her Uncle JT takes her in, raises her, and tries to help her overcome all that happened.

On her 18th birthday while out to dinner with JT, she literally runs into a man at the bathrooms, Ace Sloan. “Can I have my phone?’ The other corner of his mouth joins the party and it’s a full-on grin. Dimples appear and they’re not the cute, little innocent boy kind. My stomach flutters like a moth caught in a jar.”

When she returns to her table, JT and she are soon joined by the mystery man from the bathroom hallway. Ace is a young man just 20 years old, working hard, trying to build a business, and suffering from his own loss. He is there to interview with JT about a security job. While at dinner, JT insults Ace who decides not to take the job and prepares to leave. When another tragedy occurs in Malerie’s life, Ace rethinks his decision and suddenly feels compelled to protect her.

Malerie believes that danger and trouble follow her everywhere she goes and that the people she loves will eventually become doomed. Malerie feels that by being with her, Ace is in danger and Ace feels that giving in to his desires goes against his ethics. As her and Ace set out to solve the mysteries they begin a friendship and can no longer deny their attraction. A gift of boxes from JT sends them out on an adventure that has romance, love, intrigue, and danger.

Brinda Berry does a great job of keeping the flow of the story at a steady pace. She writes with maturity, compassion and a lot of mystery. I would have liked her to delve into Ace’s background and history a little bit more since I was left with questions, but overall a book I couldn’t put down and enjoyed very much.

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