Review – Webs of Fate by Darlene Quinn

Webs of FateWebs of Fate by Darlene Quinn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Webs of Fate
By Darlene Quinn

Ashleigh McDowel is a woman that has her career on the right track. Her fiancé Mitchell Wainwright has plans for them the night she is informed her friend has went missing. Danielle Norman never showed up at her appointment in New York and Ashleigh knows that Danielle was looking forward to that appointment.

Conrad Taylor is a man that can do what needs to be done professionally without interference of his personal thoughts, or so he could before his friend and ex Danielle Norman goes missing and the bold and beautiful Ashleigh takes it upon herself to find out where she is and why she left.

Along the way many red flags pop up during Conrad and Ashleigh’s search for their friend. Could this be the woman they both know and love? Words are being thrown around such as embezzlement and theft. Will they find Danielle in time to get answers? What happens when threats are made on Ashleigh’s life?

This is a first of Darlene Quinn’s work for me and I applaud her work, though I became confused early on. There seemed to be too much going on for me to follow. When I did catch on, I thoroughly enjoyed the plots and meeting the new characters.

With so many characters vying for top spot things felt disconnected a bit and I couldn’t really pin down what the ‘Main Characters’ were about. As I said this is a brilliantly written story and the plot is one I haven’t read before. I applaud Darlene Quinn for telling a uniquely suspenseful story.

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