Review – The Touched by Jennifer Weiser

The Touched (The Descendants Book 1)The Touched by Jennifer Weiser
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


The Touched (The Descendants Series-Book One) By Jennifer Weiser 5 Stars
The story starts with a young girl experiencing the hard realities of the situation of her legion. There is much turmoil going on from word one. And let me tell you I was glued to my kindle, even when the battery was low I could not let this story rest for my kindle to charge, so attached to the wall was I. Whew. My brain is on overload. The writing style is similar to Amanda Hocking and Richelle Mead, so if you like them you are gonna eat this one up. I warn you now.

Chalked full of sinfully sexy maleness, yum, I had a hard time choosing who to root for. There was Tove, the childhood friend. Caleb, Toves older brother, which as the book progressed I am super glad I didn’t get on that bandwagon. Lastly but certainly not least is Carter. Not enough words to describe why he was my fav, but I can try. He is a bit broken like Ara, he is a bit of a playboy who mends his ways, and becomes devoted to find what makes Ara tick. And boy does he. Splash in a few hottie supporting characters with a great twist of a plot, you have a masterpiece.

Holy cliff hanger batman! I did not see that doozy coming. I need book two stat! Please. It really should be illegal to leave a reader dangling like that. My brain is on overload, I have like a million questions. Like omg what happened with Everette? Where is Ara? And a certain person’s mother, wow didn’t see that one coming. This plot is weaved to keep you hooked. People lead lives that are not their lives, they are not related to who they “think” they are, then bombshells that now you’re wondering how that works into everything. I usually can live with cliffhangers, but this one’s killing me. I just gotta know. GOT TO.

I will surely be anxiously waiting for more books in this series. I highly recommend you grabbing your copy now.


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