Review – Pulse by Amity Cross

Pulse (The Beat and the Pulse, #2)Pulse by Amity Cross
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Pulse (#2 in the beat and the pulse)
By Amity Cross

Pulse by Amity Cross is the second installment in The Beat and The Pulse. They should be read in order. There are several references through out Pulse to what happened in Beat.

He left. She broke. The only feeling she had left was anger. So she started fighting even more. It’s something they did together but it was her own. When her friend Dean comes to underground he drags her back to the gym.

Her dad and her have come a lot of way since the day she stepped into his studio angry and weak. Fighting is something they have in common. When he makes her a deal she takes it. Anything to not feel. When she has a surprise visitor at the gym she has a hard time letting things go.

Ash Fuller has been gone with no word for six months. When his sister shows up to talk to Ren it’s with some rather shocking news. Maybe this is a second chance for Ren and Ash? Will that second chance Coke with revenge on the guy that attacked Ren? When Ren and Ash come up with a solid plan they have 6 weeks to train and come. When Ash receives a chance he never thought would be possible after his banishment over 5 years ago, he has a hard decision to make.

Find out what happens when a few beats turn into the pulse that keeps you alive. Will Ren and Ash exact revenge and make it through to the other side? Will they be okay when a few more secrets are revealed? What happens when two fighters fall in love?

Amity Cross has a way with words that makes your heart squeeze at the thought of these amazing people going through so much. Let Pulse by Amity Cross tell a story that gives you strength and a steady beat.

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