Review ~ The Talented Mr. Maxwell by Julia Harlow

The Talented Mr. MaxwellThe Talented Mr. Maxwell by Julia Harlow

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Julia Harlow’s The Talented Mr. Maxwell is a great story about an undeniable and sexy romance between Dorrie and Grant.

Dorrie Applegate is assigned the most important assignment of her career thus far: to write the biography of the famous, powerful, and gorgeous male model Grant Maxwell. On the way to London, she meets an attractive, friendly man, with whom she spends an amazing night with, only to find out the next day that he is the subject of her project, Grant Maxwell himself. This begins a complicated relationship full of secret trysts and steamy moments between Dorrie and Grant.
Dorrie is an independent, hardworking, and confident woman. I also appreciated that Dorrie is described as a curvy, full-figured, and beautiful woman. She is a very relatable character who is thrown into a situation where she has to balance work and romance. Dorrie finds herself in an intoxicating romance with Grant and she cannot ignore their undeniable connection. Then, Dorrie makes a decision that is so out of character for her, that it could ultimately ruin their relationship forever.

Grant Maxwell is down-to-earth, hot, generous, funny, and relatable, making him the perfect man (in my opinion). He is gorgeous and powerful, but very real. He is a deep character who forms a meaningful relationship with Dorrie. He cannot get her out of his head or his heart, even after he feels hurt and betrayed by her.

The story also hosts additional characters to fulfill the story including: the undeniably hot, cocky Cody Carlson, a professional football player and Dorrie’s next client who also has an interest in her, and the beautiful, self-made Carly Thomas who has her eyes set on Grant and who also has a secret, dark past that ends up colliding with her present.
To find out if love can win and trust can be rebuilt, read The Talented Mr. Maxwell.
This story by Julia Harlow was fairly well written, and told in third person giving the reader an unbiased view of story and all of its characters. There was great depth and development of all of her characters in the book, but the development and sudden changes from one character to another occasionally causes confusion for the reader. There is mild violence, some sexual situations, and mild profanity in the book. Overall this was an engaging read and I would give it four out of five stars.

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