Review – Bellissimo Fortuna by Leigh Ann Lunsford

Bellissimo Fortuna (La Serie Famiglia #1)Bellissimo Fortuna by Leigh Ann Lunsford
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


*4.5 Stars

Bellissimo Fortuna (Beautiful Fortune) (The Family Trilogy Book #1) by Leigh Ann Lunsford is the first book in what appears to be a promising new series. This was the first book that I have read by this author and I have to say, I was very impressed.

When I read the synopsis on Bellissimo Fortuna, I was instantly intrigued. The story focused on Bronson and Callie and wow, it was a roller coaster ride to say the least. When I say that I sat on the edge of my seat, literally holding my breath a times, and yes, also feeling like my heart was in my throat, that was exactly how I felt from start to finish. Their story was full of twist and turns some, some that I did NOT see coming and I thoroughly enjoyed it all.

When the story starts out we meet Callie, Bronson and Bianca, Bronson’s sister and Callie’s best friend and let me tell, I immediately was drawn to these characters. Now let’s add in the very delicious Dakota and BAM, you have got a group that I am totally enthralled with! I absolutely loved their bond, their friendship, I just loved everything about the four of them. As a reader, I could “feel” their love, their loyalty, it was beautiful and pure. I could also see and feel the love that started to branch out from friendship and into something deeper between Bronson and Callie and it was played out perfectly.

Callie for the first half of the book for me was a bit on the weaker side and I was on the fence with how I felt about her. Bronson on the other hand was oh so damn swoony, I was in love! Now, come the halfway mark, I really started to connect with Callie and I actually came to truly love her as a strong, independent and beautiful woman that she was becoming. This girl did not have a good childhood, it was downright heartbreaking what she went through but wow, the author took this broken girl from the start of this story and created the perfect heroine for me. Callie had some “surprises” and I was completely shocked at the “big” twist or shall I say the ace up her sleeve, I did NOT see that coming and I LOVED it:) Callie made some very, very difficult decisions and although I sort of understood why, I just didn’t like those decisions either when it came to Bronson.

Bronson, ok, yes I loved him at the start but then midway, hmmmm, his character took a slight turn for me and I couldn’t quite connect with him. I guess, I was really disappointed in him and his decisions and YET, I did get why he acted and felt the way he did, he had good reason. I also found it quite hard to “like” him at times, yep, he was doing and saying some pretty tough things and the way he treated Callie……I could have punched his lights out. I would have to say that my half star deduction definitely was more about the middle of the book, the path that their relationship went down was just, ehhhh for me, I didn’t particularly like it personally and although it did truly go with the storyline, for me, I wanted a slightly different path and you know that’s just my feelings and maybe because my heart could barely take it at one point is why I am feeling the way I do, lol.

By the end of this story, I was starting to breathe normal again, lol, because this was so full of unexpected twists and angst for me and I really enjoyed where Callie and Bronson ended up. By the end, I loved Bronson and Callie and loved the path they were now starting down together and I truly hope and want desperately to get so much more of them in the future books.

This story had it all, romance, suspense, mystery, twists and turns, it had sexy and it had heartbreak and I am not going to lie, I was emotionally spent once I finished, in a really good way. The writing was very good, the storyline flowed fairly seamlessly but it skipped ahead quite a bit in the timeline. Bronson and Callie had a long road ahead of them with all the “family” obstacles that they were facing so I do understand and do appreciate the timeline moving fairly quickly because as a reader I don’t want to be inundated with trivial “fluff” and/or fillers in the story, I enjoy getting down with the meat and potatoes and this story did just that!

Now, the very last couple of pages which was a set-up for Bianca’s story next, can I say that the conversation between Bronson and Dakota, OMG, I had to go back and re-read it, I felt like I just got punched hard in the stomach, I couldn’t breathe. I was floored and I have to say, my heart literally “hurt” and my first thought was oh gosh, I don’t know if I can read their story, lol, BUT I HAVE to with that revelation!!!!! I honestly am not sure what is going to happen with this group and yes, I am almost afraid to find out but wow, talk about a nail biter ending!

Why only 4.5 and not 5 stars well, this was a story that I started out liking a lot but then I found myself a bit disappointed in some of their decisions (my own personal feelings) but yet this story also “grew” on me too as the days went by. It is definitely one of those stories that stays with you, one that you may not have been completely in love with when you finished but you liked it more and more, each time you thought about it and this was THAT type of story for me! I finished this book before I went to bed and I did not sleep a wink. Honestly, I couldn’t get this story out of my head all night for many reasons, all of them good, but nonetheless, my head was spinning. This story was very intense at times, super emotional and just downright beautiful as well and I felt like I had run a marathon when I finished so with that being said, this author has now gotten my attention.

I am officially a fan of this author and yes, I will definitely be continuing with this series for sure even if that means I am in for another edge of my seat, nail biting read, lol! If you enjoy your romance mixed with suspense, mystery, drama, and angst then pick up this book, you won’t regret it!


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