Review – Married Sex by Jesse Kornbluth

Married Sex: A Love StoryMarried Sex: A Love Story by Jesse Kornbluth

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Married Sex: A Love Story, is the first fiction novel by Jesse Kornbluth. He writes a thought provoking erotic romance novel in Married Sex. The book follows the story of a successful Manhattan divorce lawyer, David, and his wife Blair, the dean at a local university who stumble into a love triangle after years of a happy, fulfilling, and sexy marriage. This story is told from David’s point of view.

David is in the business of broken marriages. He sees them every day in his work as a divorce attorney, but his life at home is unaffected. David is intelligent, loyal, and devoted. He doesn’t get confused by his David is still as in love with his wife as ever, and even after raising a daughter, their sex life is thriving. Blair is a sexy, witty woman. She also has a degree of mystery to her, which the reader never quite figures out.

When David meets Jean Coin, a famous photographer, everything changes. Jean is sexy, attractive, and everything someone would want in a lover. She asks David to spend the next six weeks with her as her lover, and as much as he loves his wife, he is very tempted. Then, David remembers the pact that he has with his wife: if they are ever tempted to cheat, they will invite that person home with both of them instead. David talks with Blair and Jean, and surprisingly they are both on board, making David’s dream a reality, but there are unintended consequences. Will David’s love for Blair stay the same? Can their marriage survive the captivating Jean Coin?

Married Sex was a well written and engaging story that attempts to make sense of marriage, temptation, and sex. Kornbluth’s characters are mostly well-developed, but three is still something left to be desired in the depth of his female characters. The first half of the book is fast-paced, intriguing, and easy to follow; however the second half has the reader scratching their head at times to figure out why the plot takes the turn it does. There is no violence. There is mild profanity and there are descriptive sexual situations. Overall, I really enjoyed this book and would give it four out of five stars.


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