Review – To Be Wished: Sins of Lethe Book Three by Arden Aoide

To Be Wished (Sins of Lethe #3)To Be Wished by Arden Aoide
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


To Be Wished-Sins of Lethe: Book Three by Arden Aoide

This story opens with Josiah, James Agnesson’s third son, going to the city on a mission for the church. Except Josiah finds out that what his father is teaching may not be the only gospel. He has moved to New York City to get lost and away from Texas.

James has kidnapped Clara, his youngest son’s wife, with the sole purpose of getting her pregnant by Raphe, the young blond male prostitute he has imprisoned to breed for him. He wants to make everyone miserable. James wants Jude to have to raise another man’s baby. He thinks that will cause division between Jude and Clara.

Clara went with James thinking her mother ill and in the hospital in Dallas. Wrong. James tells her she will stay with Raphe until she is pregnant and then she can go home. He promises Raphe a job on his farm and limited freedom if he gets Clara pregnant.

Jude just wants his wife back. He will take her any way he can get her. He waits for his father to return and realizes Clara is approximately five hours away from Agnes Oaks. He guesses she is outside of Dallas. He is frantic to get his wife back!

Raphe befriends Clara and wants to help her. He agrees to artificially inseminate her without having traditional sex. He takes his semen and inserts it with his fingers. They hope she is pregnant.

James sleeps with Sophia, Selene’s sister, and his new maid. He thinks she looks familiar but cannot place her. Jude comes in and threatens his father. He tells him that he is to bring Clara back and if anything happens to the new maid like the old one he will kill him. He reminds his father that he is a “crack shot” and that he wouldn’t even see it coming.

James goes out for air and sees Shula, Jared’s wife. He is obsessed with her. He chases her but she runs away toward the river.

Once again, it ends on a cliffhanger. What has happened to Shula? Will Sophia find out what happened to her sister before it is too late for her? Will Clara make it back to Jude?

I give this book 5 stars. It draws you in like a soap opera and keeps you turning the pages. The next book is Insolence-Sins of Lethe: Book Four. There are six books in this series. They must be read in order.


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