Review – Love Thyself by Layla Stevens

Love Thyself: Love Thyself: “gay fiction, transgender fiction, thriller, child trafficking, LGBTQ drama, and Love Thyself” by Layla Stevens

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Love thyself by Layla Stevens

I didnt know who Layla Stevens was but the cover had me hooked. I told myself don’t read reviews, don’t read the Blurb. Just Start the story. And that is exactly what I did and didn’t regret it at all! This book was amazingly well written. I love the opening paragraph

“I was taught from an early age, Love Thyself, Be who you want to be, never judge, but when you come from a family that does nothing but judge well you’re simply screwed.”

You can’t start this book with anything better than this. I fell in love with Kellie and Kaleb. Kellie is a strong person specially when facing her mother.But Kaleb isn’t weak either. He fights and fights to be free. I cried so much in this book. I felt every word. The love filled one and the hurtful ones as well. I love the unconditional love his father shows.

The one thing that did bother me was that there was way too much going on. From the Father’s secret and his struggle as a child. The mother and what she did and her sick mind. The uncle who is a bad ass, the cousin,the neighbor. There was way too much happening in one day. If this would of been spaced out to maybe a few months or even a year , it would of worked out better. But over all it was a good book. Kaleb’s story was well told when it came to the struggle and to the way he knew people would react to him. The way the mother was portrayed was very honest and real. The ending was very touching.

I gave it a three because it way too much happening at once and uber dramatic. I know the author worked hard on it, but the story was overwhelmed with drama. And not all of it was necessary. Also it was hard to believe some it.

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