Review – Wayward Angel by K. Renee

Wayward Angel (Wayward Saints MC, #1)Wayward Angel by K. Renee
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


Wayward Angel (Wayward Saints #1) is the first book in a brand new series by K. Renee. It appears that each book will be a standalone in this series but with the added of bonus of staying in touch with the previous couples in which I love.

This is the first book that I have read by this author and although, I have some mixed emotions about it, I can honestly say that it won’t be the last book either. I read this book in one day and it had me engaged from the start. I thought the premise of the storyline had truly great potential but the execution of it for me fell very short. I am not sure if there were any beta readers and/or an editor working with the author but I would strongly urge the use of these “tools” in the future because with the right “help” this could have been really a great read.

The unfortunate part of this story was the flow, it was choppy and all over the place. I had a hard time following the timeline in which was laid out and it’s too bad because again, a great storyline underneath it all, but the story lacked a true “coming together” and although I did “feel” a connection amongst the characters, the writing just didn’t enforce that feeling if that makes sense.

I really did enjoy the H and the h and their road to a harmonious relationship was anything but easy. This story had drama, betrayal, lies, angst, yes, this story had it all but I just wish a few of their “issues” had played out differently for me personally. I felt that their relationship was as choppy as the writing at times and the issues that came up and obstacles that they faced were never dealt with and resolved properly for my standards. I liked both Brantley and Ainslie a lot but I also had a hard time with quite a few of their decisions along the way but that’s just my own personal feelings. They, together, had great potential as a couple and don’t get me wrong, I loved them by the end but it was the paths that they took to get there that wasn’t ok for me nor did it make sense either.

I have to say that all in all, I really did like this story, I just didn’t love it but with the right guidance, I think this series has the potential to emerge into something great. The secondary characters were all engaging and very interesting and I truly look forward to seeing where they all end up. I am definitely planning to continue with this series and look forward to watching it grow along with this cast of characters. I think this author and this series has a solid future and I, for one, plan to cheer them all on!


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