Review – Intoxicating Passion Box Set by Felicia Tatum

Intoxicating Passion Box Set (Intoxicating Passion, #1-5)Intoxicating Passion Box Set by Felicia Tatum

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


The Intoxicating Passions box set by Felicia Tatum is the complete set of five serials/novellas. They are short so you can read one novella in a sitting but I promise you you’re going to want to keep going until you reach the end.

This series is about Korah and Dane who both have damaged hearts. Korah has a rough past with an ex boyfriend which make her very leery of men and rightfully so. Dane is your typical one-night stand type of guy. He loves them then he leaves them. He too has been burned by is past so he guards his heart as well. These two meet at his frat’s Halloween party (with masks) Dane sees Korah and immediately thinks she’s the most beautiful woman he’s ever lays eyes on. He can’t stop thinking about her but he has no who she is because of her mask covering her identity.

So these two run into each other months later and the sparks fly off the page. They both have rocky pasts that tug at their relationship. Dane has trust issues and Korah’s ex will make an appearance but these two fight for the love that they’re trying to keep.

I loved this story of Korah and Dane. I really like how Miss Tatum developed the characters. The story didn’t jump in with them meeting. We actually got to know both and understand them before they even met. Sometimes I wanted to throttle characters but that’s the beauty of Miss Tatum’s writing that she was able to pull these emotions out of me. It is written in duel POV which I love because I want to know what everyone is thinking. This is the first I have ever read of Felicia Tatum and I can promise you I’m going back for more.


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