Review – Exposed by Jessica Love

ExposedExposed by Jessica Love
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

* ARC provided for an honest review

When reading this book I had a lot of mixed feelings. My first thought was to immediately stop the book because I wasn’t that in to it. And then I loved it for a moment, before once again feeling confused by my own feelings. The book is about Jessica Love, and how many events shaped her life today. We learn in the beginning about her childhood and some of the things that made her how she is. My big problem was when it came to the situation with “Sam”. I did not like how she handled the situation and how to just let life go on without knowing anything about what was going on with Sam. However, I do feel like I need to point out that I LOVED her honesty in this book. She uses a sentence at the beginning of the book that really pushed me to keep reading. She said, “I made a promise when I started writing this that I was going to be myself. Let’s try this again.” Reading those words really kept me motivated to finish the book. A lot of the book had to do with sex in my opinion, but it wasn’t the “good” sex. I’m not a fan of public sex, so when I read that she loved public sex and felt aroused by it, it really tampered down my feelings. Even though I’ve basically said I disliked everything, which I did dislike a lot of things, I have to admit I actually sort of love this book. Jessica didn’t sugar coat anything and told exactly what she was feeling and she didn’t run back to her comfort zone when she was telling things that were hard for her. Do I recommend this book for everyone? Absolutely not. Do I think this book teaches real life lessons? Yeah, sure. Jessica does go through some tough, and at times, heartbreaking experiences. How she handled them was all on her, and although I didn’t agree with a lot, I do respect her for putting her story out there for us to read. All in all, this story was something I would never had chosen to read, but I am happy I read it.

* Reviewed by Brittany for Itsy Bitsy Book Bits

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