Review ~ Under My Skin by J. Kenner

Under My Skin (Stark International Trilogy, #3)Under My Skin by J. Kenner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

* ARC provided for an honest review *

Under My Skin by J. Kenner is the third and final installment in the Stark International Trilogy and what a way to end it! This story has murder, mystery, passion, love, betrayal, and hot melt your panties kind of sex!

Sylvia Brooks and Jackson Steele are caught up in one heck of a mess and unfortunately that means that the hits just keep coming. All Sylvia wants it to love Jackson, finish her resort, and be happy. However, with Jackson arrested for the murder of Reed and Sylvia not sure whether he did it or not she finds herself trying to prevent it from all spinning out of control.

Jackson wants to just love Sylvia, start a life with his daughter Veronica (Ronnie), get to know his newfound brother and help Sylvia finish the resort. In the face of being wanted for murder he has to rethink each step that he takes and it doesn’t help that he has a temper, which could be construed as proof he killed Reed. He is desperate to prove his innocence while keeping Sylvia’s secret, but is finding he not only has to prove his innocence to the world, but maybe Sylvia as well.

As the pressure mounts and Jackson begins pushing Sylvia away, will she have any choice but to go back to her old way of life, adding some new tattoos? When Jackson finds he can’t control anything in his life will he go back to the ring causing even more trouble for himself? If he goes to jail where does that leave Ronnie?

Reed was a vile man who deserved what he got, but is it Jackson who gave it to him or could it be the person you least expected? In the midst of all the trials and tribulations, there is a new betrayal with the resort. Lines will be crossed, backs will be stabbed, and people will be hurt.

Sylvia and Jackson are doing the best they can to weather the storm, but sometimes it’s just too much. Sometimes, no matter how much you love each other it’s best to go your separate ways. Will this be the case of our favorite couple? Will it prove to be more than either of them can handle or will they discover that leaning on the one you love is sometimes the best method?

This story has all the passion, love, heat, and nitty gritty, provocative, sex you have come to love from the first two books. In addition, I felt J. Kenner showed more connection, romance, and fight in this book. I thought she did a kick butt job of helping us to realize that your past doesn’t always define your future and if you can find a balance between the two you can continue to grow.

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