Review – Wayward Soul by K. Renee

Wayward Soul (Wayward Saints MC Book 2)Wayward Soul by K. Renee
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Wayward Soul (Wayward Saints #2) by K.Renee is the second book in this exciting, up and coming series. You could read this as a standalone but I don’t recommend it because the storylines do interact/overlap with each other and the best way to enjoy this series so far, I say, would be to start at the beginning.

This story focuses on Gunner and Casey, characters that were an intricate part of the first book, and I loved getting more of them. I would have liked more of “their” story rather than re-living the story from the first book but yet I did get a whole new version too so for that I was happy but still selfishly I wanted “more” on them. I got some much needed information in this book that hadn’t quite been answered in the first book so that was also great but again for me selfishly, I wanted much more interaction with just Casey and Gunner as far as their relationship and not just sexually but the emotional aspect as well. I want to feel it all with a couple that I truly love and these two were great for each other, I want to “feel” their connection completely if that makes sense. Although we got the premise of their relationship, it needed to be more of the focus, at least for me and that’s what disappointed me.

Casey, was, hmmmm, just ok for me for most of the book. I would say it wasn’t until the last 20% or so of the book that I truly fell in love with her character. I can’t say that she was bad, I guess frustrating would be a better word for me to describe my feelings with her. I really didn’t understand her reasoning for the on and off again decision regarding their relationship. For me personally, there was no specific reason that convinced me that she was making the right choices for herself as well as Gunner.

Gunner, oh my, now he was just as close to perfect as can be and how Casey could even contemplate their relationship is beyond me, lol. For me personally, he was sweet, caring, hot, sexy, he was also a bit feisty and commitment shy but yet where Casey was concerned, he was completely smitten and I absolutely loved to see that side of him. He is totally swoon worthy in every way:)

Gunner’s past comes back to threaten him and his girl and Gunner makes every effort to keep her safe. Will his efforts be enough? Will they finally smarten up and admit their true feelings to each other? Will they finally get what they truly want? This story was fairly light on the drama and angst, not like the first book, but it provided just enough to keep me glued to their story from start to finish.

The writing this time around has improved some but still has room for more growth and the potential is limitless especially with this cast of characters. The storylines are great and the execution may still need some work but so far it has already improved to my liking. Although, I wish that I had gotten more on Gunner and Casey and less on club stuff, it was still very good and does set the scene for the future with this group. For me, I just want more interaction of the main characters and less on club stuff because sometimes it takes away from the actual romance part if that makes sense.

I am so intrigued by the secondary characters and I look forward to seeing more stories in the future as well as catching up with Brantley, Anslie, and their family as well as Gunner and Casey. I am looking forward to relationships that will blossom and relationships that will continue to grow to new levels of commitment. I am officially hooked on this series and can’t wait for more! K. Renee has done a very good job to date and I think her writing has the potential to grow to new heights with each book!


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