Review – Playing with Pleasure by Erika Wilde

Playing with Pleasure (The Players Club Book 2)Playing with Pleasure by Erika Wilde

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Playing With Pleasure by Erika Wilde. Book 2 in The Players Club series.

Back into the Players Club scene in San Diego. With a new set of players get set to explore the pleasures of bondage in the form of rope play!

Paige Moore has been devastated by a broken heart over a year and a half ago. Brought about by her jealous and Barbie doll stepsister. Building her life again she had started her own business Couture Corset. Sexy designs and a new bridal line.

Sawyer Burrows has a few fantasies for his beautiful Paige. When her stepsister got him into bed by nefarious means over a year and a half ago he thought his chance was lost. But seeing her in the Players Club is his second chance.

With her stepmother getting remarried, Paige has a short amount of time to create a dress that will flatter her figure. While Sawyer has a wish to truss his sexy voluptuous Paige in a whole new way. But to do that he must gain her trust. Hard to do after being caught just coming out of bed with her stepsister years ago.

I had to find out more about these ropes! This read will put you through your paces. Everything isn’t always as it seems. A bit predictable but with plenty of surprises. Read it through then go back through it. Those ropes I tell you! They will get you every time. The author goes into great detail and depth with these characters and the scenes they play out. Take a walk through voyeur ville and enjoy the ride.

Bring on the next installment!


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