Review – Sins of Lethe I: Greed by Arden Aoide

Sins of Lethe I: Greed (Lethe Aether Chaos #1)Sins of Lethe I: Greed by Arden Aoide
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Sins of Lethe 1- Greed by Arden Aoide

The story opens to eighteen year old Shula Kelley getting ready for her contractual marriage to James Agnesson. She is cutting all her hair off and smearing her mother’s ashes all over her face and chest, hiding it under the veil as a surprise to her new husband. James is older than her father, Edward Kelley.

Her mother, Mary, had committed suicide. She was opposed to her daughter Shula marrying into the Agnesson family. She knew a secret that she did not share. Her father knew too, but he would not tell Shula. Shula was originally intended for James’ son, Jared, but he had disappeared from Agnes Oak, a small town in secessionist Texas. The year is 2250, but time has reverted to olden times. When Texas broke from the United States in 2050, it adopted a new Bill of Rights. There would be no separation of Church and State. Women were subservient to men. They were allowed only to teach, nurse, and clean houses.

Jared is living on land adjacent to his father’s and has disassociated himself from his father. He wants to work on computers. His father had wanted him to work on his farm and take it over. Jared wants to save Shula. His mother, Grace, had died after delivering her fifth son to James. The five sons are Jacob, Jonah, Josiah, Jared, and Jude. They are all dark haired. James wants his Scandinavian heritage to show in his children. He is a white Supremist in my opinion. He preaches the Bible but does not believe in God.

James’ second wife, Anna, who was sixteen, committed suicide shortly after they married. Jude found her. It appears James is sexually deviant. He likes it rough and chokes his women almost to the point of death.

Shula is getting ready to be wife number three. James raises the veil before the ceremony and sees how hideous she looks. He sees his son Jared standing at the side entrance to the church and states that the original agreement will stand. Jared will marry her. It is what Jared wants, but he must play indifferent or his father will not let him marry her.
Will Jared and Shula live happily ever after? Will James allow it? What other secrets of James will be revealed? The twists are many. James is truly an evil man. Truly an interesting book. I give it 4 stars. I took a star off, because as a reader, I was a little lost at first. The author does come in and explain the back story, but was not even sure what year it was at first. But overall, it kept me turning the pages.

It does end on a cliffhanger. You will need to read the next book which continues this story and introduces Jude’s story as well. That book is Devoutly. Sins of Lethe Book 2.


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