Review ~ Surviving Him by Dawn A. Keene

Surviving Him (Shameless, #1)Surviving Him by Dawn A. Keane

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Surviving Him by Dawn A. Keene is the first book is the Shameless Series. The book is set in quiet and beautiful Scotland and is the story of Dana who is the mother of two daughters, Kayleigh and Amy that are her life. In the beginning of the book she comes across as a quirky carefree, woman who is extremely clumsy.

Unfortunately, she is on the run from her ex-husband who is psychotic and has put her through more than any woman should have to deal with. She has found herself a good support system of other woman who all live in a type of women’s shelter.

Dana has had to suffer through many forms of abuse at his hands and although she has already met the love of her life Logan, they are unable to be together because of her ex and because of Logan’s own issues.

As they try to find their way back to each other it is one obstacle after another and even though he helps whenever he can throughout the book will it be enough? Can they get away from her crazy ex and find the happiness they both long for?

This book contains darkness and sensitive subject matter. It may not be appropriate for all readers. I think this is a valiant effort from Dawn A. Keene as a debut novel, but found it hard to follow. I thought the premise of the story was a great idea, but am not sure that it was portrayed in the best way to connect. I found the book to be extremely choppy and at times was disconnected. I do however think there is a lot of potential for the author in future stories with a little time and guidance.

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