Review ~ Coveted by Alannah Lynne

Coveted (Pandora's Playground, #1)Coveted by Alannah Lynne

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*ARC given for an honest review *

Coveted by Alannah Lynne is the first book in the Pandora’s Playground Series and boy is it ever a spicy little read! Muriel Stewart has been mourning the loss of her beloved husband and domme, Ian for almost a year. She doesn’t know how to deal with the mixture of emotions she is feeling having lost two parts of her life. She has desires as a woman, but struggles with if she should actually feel that way.

Ian along with his two best friends Lucas and Mathew started Pandora’s Playground, an adult sex club. Lucas thinks that it’s important to get Muriel back into the club and the lifestyle. He thinks it is something that Ian would want for her. In his quest to help Muriel, he ropes Mathew into helping him, but Mathew is dealing with his own demons where Muriel is concerned.
When Muriel realizes why she has been summoned to the club and what is going on she isn’t so sure she can handle it as she has never been anyone’s submissive but Ian’s and she has a secret of her own. She is overwhelmed by so many emotions, but soon realizes it is right where she belongs.

She yearns for Mathew to be her new Domme but she knows he could never go there since he has always had a strong dislike for her. Unbeknownst to her, Mathew has his own yearning for Muriel, but never wanted to disrespect his friend and brother. He knows that one taste of her would take him somewhere he could never come back from and he’s not sure he could survive her rejection, since she loved Ian so much.

As they begin to maneuver their feelings from the loss of Ian and what their new roles could be, you see that each have their own baggage. Will they be able to share their feelings with the other? Can they overcome their self-doubt? Would Ian be turning over in his grave if he knew their secrets and will they be able to live with themselves if they betray his memory?

Alannah Lynne tells this story with just the right amount of lust, desire, and class. The story is hot and steamy without being distasteful and crude which I really appreciated. She took the time to let us into the history of the characters and their background. I loved that she also gave us a glimpse of what the meaning of family truly is and that sometimes the way you perceive yourself isn’t the truth. The only thing I would have liked in this book was a little bit more about Lucas, his relationship with each Muriel and Mathew and how he felt about the end result. I’m looking forward to his story in book 2 though.

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