Review – CRASH by Amity Cross

Crash (The Beat and the Pulse, #3)Crash by Amity Cross
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Crash (#3 the beat and the pulse)
By Amity Cross

Crash is the third book in this series, but follows the growth and relationship of Violet Fuller and Lincoln Hayes. You are introduced to Lincoln in Beat and Violet makes her appearance in Pulse. This story is for them.

Lincoln Hayes has worked his whole life to be a professional MMA fighter. It’s what he does, it’s who he is. When an injury lands him with 6 months of down time he eventually makes his way to Pulse, the fight studio Ash Fuller opens. Ash gets along with Lincoln a bit better than his twin brother Dean. When Lincoln turns up Ash could really use some help with the fighters he has already. The possibility of seeing is adolescent crush, Violet – Ash’s little sister, makes the idea all the more appealing.

Violet Fuller suffers from PTSD to a severity that not many people can handle. She hasn’t left the house except once to help her brother since her attack. When she decides to take her life back Ash offers her a job running the office at Pulse. When she runs into her adolescent crush Lincoln Hayes at the opening party Ash talked her into she freezes and clams up. Her fear driving her out of the door and away from Pulse.

When Ash and Ren head to Thailand Ash asks Lincoln to look after Violet. He knows the score and knows what happened. Violet makes more progress with Lincoln’s help in a few weeks than she has in a while of therapy. Moving past what happened to her with the help of Lincoln could never have prepared her for falling in love. That’s exactly what she goes and does though.

With Lincoln healed and back in Sydney his relationship with Violet makes it hard for him to concentrate, her as well. When she decides to take the biggest step in her recovery and heads to Sydney she can’t help but break when she gets there and finds another woman in his bed.

His declaration of love is what the romance novels she loves are made of. Can she find it in herself to listen to what he has to say and be the strong woman he helped her to become or will this set her back into a tailspin she could t have imagined.

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