Review – Wayward Beginning by K. Renee

Wayward Beginning (Wayward Saints MC, #3)Wayward Beginning by K. Renee
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Wayward Beginning (Wayward Saints #3) by K.Renee is the next story in this series and again, I recommend reading this series from the beginning because the stories do interact/overlap each other and you would hate to miss out on any of the backstories.

Wayward Beginning is the story of Cason, the President of the MC and father to Anslie, who was featured in books #1 and 1.5, and also a father to his boys who are also a part of the MC. I really loved getting more back ground on Cason and his family and for that I truly appreciated his story. Now with that being said, I really didn’t feel the need personally, to read a full book on Cason and that’s just me and maybe a novella on him would have been perfect for me. I think I have been so excited to get my hands on his sons stories and maybe that was a part of the reason that I didn’t feel as invested in his story as I would have been if it was one of his sons book.

Cason may have had a rough exterior nature about him but deep down inside he was a warm and loving man, dad and grandfather. He was a man who truly loved his kids and sincerely wanted the best for them. He may not have made the right decisions initially concerning his daughter Anslie while she was growing up but not a day goes by that he doesn’t wish he had done things differently. You can honestly “feel” the love he has for his kids and grandkids and I loved reading about it. He had it rough when the first love of his life was taken away from him and you got a better understanding of what he has gone through to make him so untrusting.

Henley, was a good woman and you could see the love she and Cason developed for each other. The sex scenes were really great, Cason and Henley were pretty darn sexy together and there was no denying that. My only issue was the development of their relationship, for me, it was too fast. There was too much “sex” time and not enough of the relationship building time for me personally. I like a slower build-up and maybe a bit more of angst to spice it up but it was sweet nonetheless and yet it still had enough to keep you wondering what would happen next. The other issue was the timeline, I felt like there were times that things didn’t add up for me throughout the story? I guess it was all too fast as well as a bit predictable too. I needed and wanted so much more depth on an emotional level between Cason and Henley than what I got. Some parts of the storyline seemed unfinished as well.

As I had hoped for, the writing has grown with each book in this series. I did love getting to see more of my favorite characters from the previous books and for that I was happy. I didn’t fall in love with this story but I did like it. I honestly think that I enjoyed learning more about Cason’s background rather than about he and Henley getting together if that makes sense. Now, I cannot wait to read about Cason’s boys and I am hoping to get a book on all of them in the future!

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