Review – Cape Cod Promises by Bella Andre & Melissa Foster

Cape Cod Promises (Love on Rockwell Island, #2)Cape Cod Promises by Bella Andre
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Cape Cod Promises By Bella Andre & Melissa Foster

I started this book thinking that it would be like all the other second chances books but nope. It was different. And here is why.

Wow! Just wow! I think Trent Rockwell is going on my book boyfriend list. He blew me away with his charms and that look he gives Reese every time he sees her. That smile! Wow! Panty dropping. Yup, I am gushing over a fictional character but that’s what happens when you have great writing. Reese is really strong and brave. The way she was able to walk away and find herself. I love that she is an artist. Can I say that the flashbacks of how their love started was amazing to experience.

I like a well told second chances story and that is what I got with this book. True love never dies, no matter what you try or do. When they finally kiss. Well let me rephrase that, when Trent finally goes forward with his wants and kisses Reese. It was magical. When he reminds her of the promise. I cried, yeah, I cried. The there is the lighthouse. These authors really did a number with my feelings with this book. And I loved it the whole time. The crying , yelling and even laughing. These Rockwell’s are one of a kind. Maybe Chandler was on to something when he summons everyone back to the Island. Maybe he knew from past experience that love needed to come first. I Cant wait who is next on the list. I hope it’s Derek. He seems really into Didi. Or maybe it’s just me and my romantic self.

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