Review – Wayward Valentine by K. Renee

Wayward Valentine (Wayward Saints MC, #1.5)Wayward Valentine by K. Renee
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Wayward Valentine (Wayward Saints MC, #1.5) by K. Renee was a short and very sexy Valentine’s Day novella on the very first couple in this series, Brantley and Anslie and OMG was it GREAT!!!!! I mean I was swooning hard over Brantley in this book:) He not only proved himself to Anslie and her family but he proved himself a thousand times over to me and I loved every second of it.

Let me first start by saying that although the first book in this series was an ok read for me it also needed a bit of work on the editing and the execution as for as my personal feelings were concerned but can I say this novella couldn’t have been more beautifully done! Although, this book was short, sweet and very sexy, it was done just right and I was so happy that I didn’t give up hope on this series. K. Renee definitely proved to me that she is in this series for the long run and I couldn’t be anymore happy about it.

Brantley and Anslie didn’t have an easy road to where they ended up at in life but can I say, wow, the place they are at right now….perfect! Between their twins and their newborn, they still can’t get enough of one another and it made me so giddy and happy to read about. The love these two feel and express for one another, I could literally “feel” it jump right off of my Kindle and straight into my heart and soul and I couldn’t get enough of them. I could not only “feel” their love but could sincerely appreciate their love as well as genuinely understand that although I may not have liked some of their past decisions, maybe, just maybe everything happened for a reason and the reason was as clear as day with this gem of a novella! The love that Brantley and Anslie share is nothing less than true, genuine, perfectly imperfect and it was just simply beautiful in every way possible for me.

Author K. Renee, I am so happy that this novella proved to me that with growth comes success and with time comes rewards and I congratulate you on this follow-up novella. Brantley and Anslie have come so far in this book and I couldn’t be happier for them and you, too! I cannot wait for more stories to come in this series because there is a great cast of secondary characters just dying to come alive to the readers and I will be there to read every one of them.


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