Review – Live Me by Celeste Grande

Live MeLive Me by Celeste Grande
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Live Me” by Celeste Grande is very clearly a graphic romance novel. It’s about a young college freshman named Evangelina, Eva for short. She is a typical everyday college girl, so it seems. But dig deeper into the book and you’ll dig deeper into her past. She has a very deep and scary past that she isn’t quite over yet, but tries to hide that fact and run from it. She runs straight towards her future by going to a college miles away from home. But she doesn’t go alone.

Eva’s best friend is named Jace. He is a character that I admire through and through, because he is always there for Eva. Even when she’s at her worst. He picks up her pieces and puts them back together for her, when she can’t. He is someone that we all want and need in our life. He is also someone that I hope to be to my best friend. I would’ve liked to know more about Jace and his past.
Just when she thinks she has her past covered up and hidden, along comes Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome. Blake. An instant dream as soon as Celeste Grande introduces him into the story. He’s very edgy and sexy. He shows immediate interest in Eva and even gives her a nickname that leaves her breathless.

Eva tries at all cost to avoid him, though! Because she’s afraid to feel again. She’s afraid to be vulnerable. She’s afraid that she’ll get hurt. Again. This is why her character is so relatable, because we’ve all been there. That’s what drew me into the book, because I could relate so well. Other than the not- so- classy language, Eva and I have the same thought process when it comes to opening up new relationships and trying to stay closed about personal things.
Plus, how could I stop reading during those graphic, steamy, sexy scenes between Eva and Blake? Blake definitely awakened something inside of Eva and this book is about how she handles it. This book is also about how she takes control over her past and how she copes with it.
Celeste Grande ends this book wide open. There’s definitely going to be a sequel and I am definitely going to read it! I’d recommend that people under the age of 18 not to read this book. This is definitely adult reading. I would recommend it to people that are trying to get over things that have happened to them in their past. It’s good to know that someone else out there can relate. Even if it isn’t a true story, it’s true to someone out there. I give this book a four and a half stars out of five!

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