Review – She part 1 by Annabel Fanning

She (# 1)She by Annabel Fanning
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

* ARC provided for an honest review

SHE part 1 by Annabel Fanning is a book about Logan and Gemima and it is basically a get to know them. Logan and Gemima met in the past but Gemima didn’t know she had caught Logans eye. He kept a watch out and when she broke it off with her boyfriend he pounced. He had fallen hard for her that night 2 years ago. He was a bad boy growing up and had been arrested several times, but since his family was well known he was always let go. Then, one day he was finally given some tough love.

In response to the tough love, his eyes were eventually opened and he got himself clean and sober. He slowly built the company of his dreams and was headed on the right track.

While attending college Gemima met her boyfriend and together they moved to Paris. Unfortunately, she was working a boring job and hadn’t truly found happiness. It didn’t help matters that during a company get together her boyfriend betrayed her, opening her eyes to the fact that something needed to change. In the hopes of moving forward, she got a new job that she really liked and ran into Logan. During a lunch together sparks began to fly and the chemistry was high. Concerned that it was too quick to have feelings she was put at ease by the realization that Logan shared in those feelings.

Her ex Jerry, tries to win her back, creating chaos in the process but it doesn’t sway her newfound relationship with Logan.

Annabel Fanning writes a book filled with steamy sex scenes that most will enjoy. The book seemed a little slow paced and I would have liked it to have a little more depth but overall I felt it was a good book.

Reviewed by Tracy

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