Review – Beat by Amity Cross

Beat (The Beat and the Pulse, #1)Beat by Amity Cross
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Beat (#1 )
By Amity Cross

Beat is the first in a series and it shows major promise of what’s to come. There could possible be some triggers within as it contains darker parts of people. It is well worth it to read the beauty that is Amity Cross’ writing.

Renee ‘Ren’ Miller has been so strong for so long that she doesn’t know how to be anything else. When her moms dying wish is for her to find her father she has no choice but to honor it. Actually walking into Beat, however is a different story. He doesn’t recognize her at first and that stings. She starts to take a beginners class in MMA and she excels. What happens when Golden Boy Ash Fuller shows up though? Is it just her he seems to hate? Why though she has no idea. But when they start training together late at night will something more Coke from it or will that be as far as it goes? Of course meeting someone in a singlet and panties when you try to knock his block off with a bat can’t help matters.

Ashley ‘Ash’ Fuller, fighter that he is, has just come back from a four year break. Everyone believed him to be in Thailand. The truth will shock everyone. When he meets the feisty daughter of his old coach he doesn’t quite know what to think. When they begin training together at night he still doesn’t know. The feelings he starts to have, bloody hell they come out of nowhere. When she takes an interest in his extra curricular activities he is scared. Knowing what it’s like to have an uncontrollable beast within you is something he is used to. But the underground isn’t for everyone. Like him her fighting comes natural.

When a blast from the past kicks his anger to rage what will happen? When there is no choice but to leave the one you love when you can’t tell her… will she forgive him. Having your past and present collide can be dangerous but it can show you what a beating heart can do for you as well.


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