Review – Enough Secrets by Alexis Riddley

Enough Secrets: Lies. Lust. DeceitEnough Secrets: Lies. Lust. Deceit by Alexis Riddley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Enough Secrets
by Alexis Riddley

*Warning* this story DOES contain possible triggers. Some BDSM. Violence and sex.

Charlotte West has the perfect marriage. Or so it would seem to outsiders. What most don’t realize is that a dark streak runs through Winston. A single inch over the line in the garage, punishment. Entering the house before invited, punishment. Going through her day she simply doesn’t know what warranted the black escalade parked at her house. Why him? Why now? She has become quite talented at keeping the secrets that threaten to suffocate her in her own home. What happens when everything changes? Is there a secret that is too much for her to handle?

Winston West is always in control. Of his wife, his business, his everything. His best friend and partner Aiden Ellis helps him with his business, and occasionally with teaching his wife a lesson. Winston is a man’s man. He works hard for what he has. He works even harder to keep his past and secrets at bay. What happens when things crash down around him? Will Charlotte understand? Will things get better when he finally has the nerve to let her in? Where does Aiden fit into their future?

When Winston and Charlottes anniversary comes curiosity gets the better of her and she directly disobeys. What will happen when Winston leaves her standing? When some terrible news comes that ends up being a misunderstanding can Charlie and Winston figure things out and let the secrets go? One night of complete honesty does wonders for these two, but is it too late? Is there something that is just unforgivable in the past?

Winston, Aiden and Charlotte have a lot to talk about. Winston wants his wife back. Aiden wants what is rightfully his. Find out what happens when a darker secret than anyone expected comes out. What life has dealt for Winston, Charlie and Aiden might just be too much to forgive.

Alexis Riddley reached in and ripped out my heart. How something so dark and dangerous can be made into something so beautiful is beyond me! But I applaud you Alexis Riddley.

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