Review ~ Ready, Willing, & Abel by Sarah O’Rourke

Ready, Willing and Abel (Passion in Paradise: The Men of the McKinnon Sisters, #3)Ready, Willing and Abel by Sarah O’Rourke
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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Ready, Willing, and Able by Sarah O’Rourke is hilarious with a side of kink! 5 Stars

A hellion with a halo, Patience McKinnon is anything but patient. Flirting is a dangerous sport in Paradise, Tennessee, and with the southern bells of the McKinnon family you learn why. This book centering around Patience gives you a big “in” for the series. Will open your eyes to the loving endearments and constant trigger temper of the true southern lady.

Able Turner is sexy, daring, and has a few threats of his own to bandy about. Wanting Patience McKinnon can bring a man to his knees or to at least start showing some gray hair. When one night of rowdy, luscious sex, with the man whose pecker sports some bling, turns into a lot more than Patience bargained for.

Events of the past always claw into the future. Giving herself to him years ago without so much as a by-your-leave, Patience holds back and doesn’t want to let Able in again. He may hurt her, he may not, but does she really want to take the chance? Able can be VERY convincing when he’s of a mind. He didn’t get to be such a renowned lawyer without a silver tongue….to match his… lower jewelry. Which thanks to Patience, every single person in town is aware of. The night of her sister’s party, Patience gets hauled off over the shoulder of said renowned lawyer and events leading from there are quite….. dashing.

Will the Hellion and the Lawyer be able to keep it together through a great many obstacles? Flying projectiles, car theft, and emotional chaos. Going through so much together and finishing it with a kicker will have you reeling. Keep reading… the banter gets better!!

Bringing the characters to their limits, Sarah pulls out the stops when it comes to banter and wit. Some of the banter is predictable but hilarious in it’s own right. Just because it’s a common thing for you to say doesn’t make it a common thing to read. The story follows through months of tormenting each other and unexpected, expectancies. Twists and turns with multiple characters in one story. Though not as jumbled as I would have imagined. Very well put together with a twist of the dramatic. Ha, but when you are talking southern gentleman and hellion extraordinaire… You couldn’t ask for more.

I think I’m half in love with Zeke too and can’t wait for the next installment of this wonderful series!


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