~ Review – Playing with Seduction by Erika Wilde

Playing with Seduction (The Players Club, #3)Playing with Seduction by Erika Wilde

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Playing With Seduction by Erika Wilde. Book 3 in The Players Club series.

Kendall Shaw a divorcee with a budding boudoir photography business lusts after the man she has commissioned for sexy shots she needs for one of her newest projects. With their 8 year age gap she isn’t going to go after him for herself. No matter how much she is tempted to do so. Receiving an invite to participate as part of the auctioned off persons at the Players Club, Kendall accepts with the intention of having a random night of orgasmic delight before she starts down the path of family and children she has wanted for more than 10 years.

Jase Burns sent the anonymous invitation to Kendall. Stepping up his game to get her to see him as way more than a body for her photography business. Bidding through an app he wins, barely. Watching Kendall step into his room and getting her pleasure for the night is only the start to what he wants.

Convincing Kendall that the age difference doesn’t matter is in process. Everything is going great, dates on the beach, playtime every night. Letting Kendall share her fantasies and fulfilling every one. Until one of his ignorant coworkers ruins it all with a few choice words during a picnic for Noble & Associates. Kendall is more determined to end their affair and get the plan underway for her family and children. Jase isn’t quite ready for that though. Oh but things happen in strange ways. Soon Jase will find that he’s more ready than he thought.

Dominance isn’t always about being the one on top. Erika gives you a taste of all of this within the writing of the Players Club books. The start of romance and love can be anywhere. But she shows that it’s where it ends up that truly matters. Fulfilling desires and making you aware of a few that you might not have known you had.


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