~ Review – Friends Without Benefits by Marci Boudreaux

Friends Without BenefitsFriends Without Benefits by Marci Boudreaux

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Friends Without Benefits is the third book in the Stonehill Romance series by Marci Boudreaux. This was such a beautiful love story about two people going through painful divorces as they lean on one another for support and friendship.

Dianne was the perfect housewife and mother for many years. She never cheated on her husband but unfortunately she caught him cheating on her. They divorce and she’s dealing with the pain when she meets Paul (very swoon worthy). They have something big in common (no I won’t say because it’ll ruin the surprise). Together they navigate through the pain, sadness and the anger from their personal betrayals. Dianne and Paul both feel like utter failures but in all honestly weren’t. So they look to one another for friendship and support and obviously it grew into more.

I absolutely loved the side characters in this book as well. Paul has a nosey family and Dianne’s son Sam is awesome. You add these characters in and you have an amazingly entertaining book to read.

This book really gets into the ugly side of divorce. I think some books gloss over some issues and make it more about love and it almost makes them unbelievable. Miss Boudreaux takes you on the realistic journey of dealing with the emotions, financial struggle, and we even see how children are effected by it as well. Yes it’s a love story but it’s also about healing and hope.

I loved how the reader feels every single aspect of their emotions and it literally grabs you at the throat. I got angry as well as cried along with them and slowly started to heal as I was falling in love as they were falling in love. I love Marci Boudreaux book’s. I love how she uses older people and the emotions she’s able to express in her writing are incredible. Can’t wait to read more from her.


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