~ Review – Calling the Play by Samantha Kane

Calling the Play (Birmingham Rebels, #2)Calling the Play by Samantha Kane

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Calling the Play by Samantha Kane struck me as a very well-written book when I started reading it. Then, as I got further into it and the characters began to do other things, I realized that it was more well-written than I thought it was. Books like this—ones that tend to have sex in them—are either a hit or miss for me, in general. If the writing puts me off, then I’m not partial to reading the book.

When I first read the synopsis, I was intrigued by the characters and the plot of the story, so I thought I’d give it a shot. I really liked the dynamic of the three main characters (two guys and a woman), simply because they all learn to love each other. I would say more on that subject, but I don’t want to name spoilers and I feel that that would happen if I did so.

The characters themselves are a treat; I found myself really enjoying their banter between each other and the rest of the characters throughout the book. Randi McInish, the lady of the trio, is a tough, undercover cop that doesn’t take anything from anyone. She meets her match with Tyler Oakes, a quarterback for the local football team. However, things change when readers meet Brian Mason, who coached Tyler in college. Things are different in this book, which I also enjoyed. It’s not cookie-cutter, which is always refreshing and new to read.

I would recommend this book to people, although I’d have to warn them of some things that happen near the end that they might not like, but other than that, it’s a really great recommendation in my opinion. The characters are nice, the plot is interesting and keeps readers reading, the sex is great and well-written, and the characters interactions and conversations with each other are mature and understanding. The book was refreshing for me to read for all of these reasons. For me, it’s a little hard to find a great book nowadays, because something always seems to put me off of it. But this, this was good and I liked it immensely.


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