~ Review – Imperfect Love by Isabella White

Imperfect Love (4ever #1)Imperfect Love by Isabella White

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Imperfect Love (The 4ever Series Book 1) by Isabella White, a story that left me wanting more after the cliffhanger she gave us.

This story is a love story that ends up giving you a twist I didn’t see coming. It started off like other books where the main lady has had her heart smashed to pieces and is now falling down a dark hole with her messed up life. Holly Scallanger is the poor girl that finds out right before her wedding that her “true love” has been anything but true to her. This wasn’t a bad a start as we learned about how her fiancé, Brandon, has taking up with home wrecker Donna. After the set up things felt like the dragged for me as she is just kinda there taking up space and dating losers. She moves on to bigger and better over time when she falls for hottie Jake Peters. But some parts as the two become close didn’t give me all I wanted and others just kept getting stretched out. BUT once you make it over all the little flats parts the story really starts to come together. The flow is wonderful as things are really looking perfect. Jake is sweet as bee puke..aka honey and is the total package having all the looks and a dream job as a doctor, and a close successful family. Holly has Mr. Right who is now going to be MIA as he starts working to the point she will hardly see him. But when they are together all that happens is a whole lotta lovin’ . So it is no shock she ends up pregnant.

This is where I just saw the happy fluffy end of the book happening. They love each other and now a baby is on the way. Perfect…just like the title. Oh wait for the slap in the face! IT IS IMPERFECT! The shocking turn of events that happen with only about 20% left reminded me I know nothing. I am still in shock. The ending of this book is worth wandering through the beginning. AMAZING and oh the feelings. I even had to put my book down and walk away because my heart hurt.

This ends with a cliffhanger because we only have Holly’s side of this. There has to be more to the story and more that we need to find out from Jake. Now I can’t wait for the next book so maybe some of the questions are answered for us. This story does contain adult scenes and some heartache which isn’t for everyone.


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