~ Review – Ravished by Ayden K. Morgen

Ravished (The Teplo Trilogy, #1)Ravished by Ayden K. Morgen

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Ravished: The Teplo Trilogy
By Ayden K Morgen

Tristen Riley is a DEA agent undercover, trying to bust a drug ring inside Teplo, a dance club. Lillian Maddox is an ex-ballerina who is looking for a distraction. They meet inside Teplo. Lillian dreams of dancing again and does with Tristen on the dance floor at the club.
The author shows great talent in weaving her story. The secondary characters are even interesting. Jase is Tristen’s partner/boss. Zoe is Tristen’s cousin and Jase’s wife. Zoe is Tristen’s best friend and only family. Ayden, I personally would like a story for Jase and Zoe!

The hot factor between Tristen and Lillian is off the charts! Tristen is the alpha male, but Lillian is not a submissive. She goes toe to toe with Tristen. I, as a reader, enjoyed their battles. It made the sex much steamier.

Lillian is dragged into Jase and Tristen’s investigation of Anton and Paulo Vetrov. This father and son pair are bad news and have been rumored to have dealings with the cartel. Paulo is the son and is a sociopath. Tristen moves in with Lillian who lives across the street from the club to provide protection. She starts going to the club with him to throw off suspicion from Tristen.
This book is a page turner. Rapid fire action starts from page one. Will Tristen develop feelings for Lillian? Will Lillian remain off the Vetrov’s radar? Will Tristen be able to put the Vetrovs out of business and behind bars before they kill again? So many questions to be answered. You must read this book!

Some time needs to be spent raving about the cover of this book, too! Ayden, the guy on the cover is so hot and if this is Tristen, sign me up for undercover work immediately! 5 out of 5 stars—romantic suspense at its best! I can’t wait to read the next book in this trilogy!
This book ends in a cliffhanger and will be continued in book two, “Rhapsody: The Teplo Trilogy #2”.


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