~ Review – Moondance by Desiree King

MoondanceMoondance by Desiree King

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Moondance is the debut novel by Desiree King. It’s a paranormal read and what I enjoyed the most is that it isn’t like most paranormal stories. It blends a lot of the popular romance genres together such as the rockstar love, the bad boy, and there is a fair amount of action and suspense.

From the outside you would think Alex Summerland has everything you would ever want. She’s gorgeous, she sweet, her brother is protective over her as well as her “lover”, and she has the attention of the bad boy rocker Vic. Life as a paranormal isn’t easy. There are things she hides and shies away from in order to protect herself. She keeps her magical identity a secret because if it was discovered what she is it could end of her life but there are only certain people who know. Alex is being pulled in many directions. She is ready to get back out into society after some trouble in her past but her “boyfriend” Jacob is ready to tie her to him. She wants three years to find her true love and in that time if she doesn’t then she has agreed to tie herself to Jacob. Luckily she meets Vic but neither one can understand the pull between them. Throughout the story they’re too scared to call it for what it is…fate. Vic is a werewolf who will soon be the head of his pack. He has a marriage arranged but cancels it when he finally understands what Alex is to him. Unfortunately there are those who aren’t happy that fated pair.
Moondance was a good debut novel. I love the paranormal world the author created. I enjoyed how she didn’t just write about werewolves and vampires but other paranormals you don’t see often in stories. There is a lot of dialogue in this book and we move from scene to scene to scene kinda of fast which took me a minute to catch up mentally. I will warn you it does end with a cliff hanger. I kept trying to flip the pages on my tablet screaming “NOOOO it did not just end like that”. So lets just say I’m patiently waiting for book two because I have to know what happens!


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