~ Blog Tour – Talon by Shevawn Michelle


By: Shevawn Michelle


 Life has a funny way of getting us to where we ultimately belong. Even if that isn’t what we had pictured for ourselves.

Talon had it all, or so he thought. A nice home, a great career, a wife whom he loved more than life itself. For most, it takes a lifetime to achieve your dreams, but for some, those dreams are achieved early with determination and hard work. That was Talon. But one tragic accident would strip him of everything. 

Kimberlyn is a single nurse, who spent the last three years of her life scraping by to save enough money to buy her dream home. That dream home brought her to Talon. When Kimberlyn enters the picture, can she help put the pieces of Talon’s life back together? Or is he already too far gone? 


have to make sure she knows what I have been through, completely. I have to

make sure that she truly understands what it has been like for me. How hard it

is for me to trust anyone, but I need her to know that I trusted, still trust

her. I take a breath before I speak again, still not looking at her out of fear

of what I will see.


don’t think I am that strong. For two and a half years, I have dealt with

people staring. People who want to ask but don’t. Why? I don’t know. Maybe they

are afraid. Maybe I disgust them. I don’t want pity and that’s a lot of what I

was getting. I couldn’t stand to see the fear, pity, and the looks making me

feel like I was from another planet, anymore. My life changed, Kimberlyn.

Everything I knew changed.”


can feel my eyes misting. I don’t want to seem weak any more than I already do,

so I do my best to keep the tears at bay. I try to take a deep breath and get

my emotions in check. When I look back up to face Kimberlyn, her back is to me

and she has moved to the other side of the room.


I whisper.


soon as she turns around to face me, I see the tears glistening on her cheeks.

I can’t stand seeing her like this. I don’t want to see her like this, but I am

helpless to fix it. I don’t know what else I can do.


happens for a reason. Your wreck, Jayden leaving, me moving here. All of it,

Talon. It all happens for a reason. It doesn’t matter to me that you lost your

leg. It doesn’t matter to me that you have scars on your face. When I look at

you, that isn’t what I see.


I see is a man who is stronger than anyone I have ever met. A man who, despite

what he thinks, is the most handsome man I have ever seen. I see a man who has

a heart of gold and who has a lot to offer. I see you, Talon. All of you. I see

everything I have ever wanted but never found. Until you.”




Shevawn Michelle lives in a small town just south of Atlanta, Georgia with her husband, three furbabies, turtle, and a hermit crab. When she isn’t writing, she is reading and blogging. She has a love for fishing, campfires and grilling out with family and friends.


Coming Fall 2015 ~ Finding Strength


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